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business mistakesCreating digital art is a blast. A variety of tools exist for us accomplish our artistic endeavors...however, those tools are not easy to use when you first start.

Have you purchased a digital art software program and felt like you needed a Doctorate just to run the thing? Or had that sinking feeling in your stomach after realizing your digital painting dreams were out of reach because of time constraints?

Personally I did not like that feeling of intimidation when I cracked open a digital painting program.  I just wanted to feel confident (not overwhelmed) and be able to create some of the incredible work I saw on the software box and in the magazines.

         What I was looking for were the shortcuts... not everything, just get me to the stuff that I was most likely going to use on contniuos basis. I was looking for a way to flatten the learning curve a tad.

Maybe you can relate to this... maybe you feel the same? Or maybe you are an accomplished artist looking for a tweak here and there or a new technique to add to your repitoire.

     Well... if either is the case then I have good news for you...

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